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The Kitchen, Heart of the Home

Hearth & home, that spot on earth supremely blessed. . .
a dearer, sweeter spot, than all the rest.

In historic times, the hearth was a brick or stone lined fireplace, often with an oven, used for heating and cooking. For centuries the hearth was such an integral part of the home, usually its most important feature, that it became the central gathering spot.

Even today, when you think about it, our kitchen is the place where the family and friends tend to congregate. In many of today’s newer homes, the kitchen, living room, dining room, great room, have all morphed into one big multi-use space. The kitchen, with all those wonderful aromas and tastes to nurture body & soul. The great room where we entertain family and friends, host parties, watch the Big-Game. The dining room, where we feast, help with the homework, and special projects. Truly, this space is todays “Heart of the Home.”

As such, with all this activity of people coming and going, it has become so much more important to be organized in the kitchen. Whether preparing the large thanksgiving feast, breakfast for the kids, or simply tonight’s supper, it all becomes much less taxing and ultimately faster getting the meal to table when you are fully organized.

Our “Sliding Solutions” help bring control to the chaos. We custom build our sliding shelves to fit your existing kitchen, pantry or bath or any cabinet. Made of a high quality 9 ply birch with dado bottoms, each shelf has a 100 lb. capacity. Our professional installers will complete the job typically in one day, resulting in a lifetime warranty for as long as you live in the home.