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Found Space! The Attic by Ella Andrews

Most Houses have some type of attic space hiding beneath the roof.  This out of sight location can become an Oasis for storage, where lots of belongings can be stored without them getting in the way of everyday living.  In our last blog post, we outlined real cost savings by avoiding outside storage lockers.  In today's post. Ella shows how the attic read more ...


As time goes on, we humans seem to be unable to not accumulate stuff.  There seems to be either some dispostion, or perhaps some strain in our DNA, that makes us want to hold onto things long after their usefulness has passed. 

When it gets to the point where we no longer have space to store these "questionable read more ...

Precious Space Savers to Rely on. by Ella Andrews

Clutter - Clutter - Clutter

We all seem to have it, especially at home.  Much has already been, and will continue to be, written about it.  How to manage it, how to clear it away, how not to let it accumulate in the first place. 

In this post Ella gives us some valuable insight into the how and why we accumulate the stuff, as well as some insightful tips on how to purge some of it, and then better manage what we keep.

Read read more ...